With a few hardware modifications to the Humax PVR 9200T you can setup a USB connection directly to the hard disk and recorded programme files to your PC. You can read up on the hardware modifications you need here on the HumaxDisk wiki or here on phew's own website.

Or you can remove the hard disk from the 9200T itself and connect it directly to the IDE interface inside your PC. See here for details on how to do this.

Which ever method you decide, you will need phew's 9200TReadFiles - the latest version is available here: . Once you have downloaded this Windows executable make sure you have the following DLL file installed in your Windows system32 directory before you can you it.

Save the 9200TReadFiles089.exe to a folder somewhere on your PC:
*Double-click on the exe to run the program, you should get a window as such:
  • You will need to find out what physical drive number your connected Humax drive has been assigned to by your PC. Right click on the My Computer icon and select Manage. Under Storage, select Disk Management(Local) bu double-clicking on this option. Cancel and Initialization message that might appear - you certainly do not want to initialise your Hummy drive! In one of the window panes you will see a list of drives - the Humax disk will appear as an 'unknown disk of 149Gb of unallocated space. Take a note of this disk number, and this will be the number you put into the box '\\/\PhysicalDrive' above.
  • Click on the 'Destination folder' button to select where the out video files will be saved to.
  • Then click on 'Read filelist from 9200T' button, a text will appear informing you of 'Reading FAT into memory from the 9200T drive'. This should not take more than a second. If it takes longer or fail in reading the disk then the USB (or IDE) connection to the drive is dodgy and you may need to reconnect (to another USB port and/or re-install the drivers).
  • When it is done reading the list you shoud get the list of programmes recorded by the Humax 9200T that are present on the HDD:
  • Select the programmes you want to save on to your PC by checking the box on the far left. You can select as many files as you wish before pressing the 'Copy files to PC' button to start the transfer. When the program is tranferring a video file the green arrow will indicate which of the selected file is being transferred and the progress bar above the butttons will indicated the relative progress.
  • When a file has been transferred, a big tick will indicate that the transfer task is done, and the program will proceed to transfer the next one:
  • At the end of whole transfer, the text above the buttons will indicate the time it took and the size of the transfer:
  • The files will be in the location you had chosen at the start.